About Us

Hello and welcome


Marketformat.com is a purpose-built web service that has been designed by myself, a passionate market enthusiast to help improve and promote the market industry in the UK.


By bringing vital services and tools together under one website I am making it easier for market professionals and market visitors to connect with each other! 


Markets within the UK have traditionally been a place where anyone and everyone can shop. They bring economic, social and cultural benefits while forming a hub for our local communities. In a time of ever declining town centres and the continuous onslaught of out-of-town shopping centres and supermarket expansion, it has never been more important to make our markets as attractive and accessible to the general public as never before.


First developed in June 2004 (originally under the venture of Streettradersunited.com) the idea to promote our UK markets was first introduced. With an upgrade in software and current name in 2008 and a complete redesign during 2013 - Marketformat is now ready to build upon its past successes to professionally promote and support our UK market industry now and into the future.


Shopping is indeed coming back to the community, by offering market professionals, traders, operators, venue hosts, local officials, suppliers and the general public a host of new opportunities to connect on a national level.


I am always on the look out for great people that really get what I'm trying to do, so if you have something to add and you'd like to share it, please get in touch via the contact us page.





Marketformat is privately funded, created to provide tools and services to assist market operators and traders to better manage and promote their services on a local, national and international level in addition to providing readily accessible information targeted at UK shoppers, community groups and visiting tourists who wish to experience the thrill and excitement of a live market.